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Fashion Dare: Sleepwear for Work!

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Women’s Striped Tunic

Women’s Striped Tunic

Wearing sleepwear to work is one fashion trend that’s been doing the rounds lately! It all started with some fashion blogger who took inspiration from the Olsen twins, famous for making oversized and billowing clothing fashionable! Now, this young lady unknowingly sparked off a trend that’s catching up like wildfire all over town! From high-end corporate work spots to casual-friendly start-ups, work spots are turning into ramps with ladies taking up the challenge: wear nightwear to work in such a way that people don’t recognize it as sleepwear! We’d say, “Challenge accepted!”

Before we get started, just remember that nightwear does not include your red lacy satin baby doll gown that’s sexy-enough to get a nod of approval from SJP! No not that one!

Sleepwear here refers to that long tee shirt that is so soft and comfy that you never even want to get out of it during weekends! Yeah, that one! Pick a solid white or black sleep tee and wear it with a pair of leggings and fancy boots! Or, you could also wear your oversized button-down sleep shirt with a pair of sky-rocketing high heels and go with minimal make-up and care-free hair! The strategy here is to draw the majority of attention towards your choice of footwear and leaving the rest of your apparel carefree!

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