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Explore the True Blue with Old Navy’s 35 Discount!

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Blue DressPositioned between violet and green on the spectral chart, blue is one of the most prominent shades that generate all the rest of the colors together with primary colors, red and green. Constituting a larger role in the optical spectrum, blue as such can be seen in abundance as part of skies and waters.

Associated with harmony and faithfulness, this serene color has always been the choicest of them all. Here’s a rundown on the various color coordinates of blue, and their combinations with a range of colors that constitute to the color they are now!

  1. Navy: Named after Britain’s Royal Navy uniform, this darker shade of blue has since then been very famous for conveying the impression of elegance and sophistication. Considered the darkest forms of blue, this shade represents confidence, importance, authority and power.
  2. Azure: Often considered the color of sky, azure is slightly greenish blue and is halfway between blue and cyan on the spectral chart. Often associated with nature, stability, calmness, and richness, this cool color is the most used form of blue.
  3. Indigo: Located between blue and violet, this shade is a combination of purplish blue, and was the first dip dye used to color denim jeans. Also considered royal blue, indigo symbolizes trust, truthfulness and stability.

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