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Dressing the Kids!

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Boys Drawstring Cargo Joggers

Boys Drawstring Cargo Joggers

Only a parent who’s had to deal with kids running around the house can understand how difficult it really is! They keep running all over the place and trying to catch up with them can give you more than your required dose of workout for the day! And, finally when you do manage to catch them, fashion is the last thing on your mind! So how do you keep them fashionably dressed? If you’re looking for a practical answer to the question, here are a few ideas that might help you out!

Make dressing up an activity! Get clothes that require minimal effort while dressing up like pants with an elasticized waist, faux-shirts that are actually tee shirts that can be pulled over the head and ask your kids to dress themselves up. You can even introduce a points system for whoever gets their outfits right! This will take a load off of your daily chore and eventually with some practice your kids will finally be able to dress themselves up without your aid!

If you have kids who make a habit out of chucking off their pants the moment they get home, make a house rule that pants are not optional! Make sure that they understand the importance of the rule and initial-capitalize it! You can make an excuse for summer, but for all other times keep your foot down and state that pants are an absolute essential at all times around the house!

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