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Dress Up Like Jess Day From New Girl!

Women's Printed Cross-Front Dress

Women’s Printed Cross-Front Dress

With the hit series progressing into the 4th season, here’s a guide to dressing up like everyone’s favorite New Girl, Zooey Deschanel aka Jessica “Jess” Day.

In the series, she plays an off-beat teacher, Jess who, after breaking up with her boyfriend, moves into an L.A. loft with three single guys who later become her best buddies.

The consistent element of the show, apart from the funny one-liners, quirky dialogues, slow but steady paced story line and the adorable characters, are the even more lovable and exceptionally beautiful outfits designed for Zooey Deschanel.

It’s granted that Jess can pull off almost any dress, given her slender frame, heart shaped face and beautifully cascading hair. But, speaking of style, Jess has a very classic, preppy and girly style. Her look always borders on a perfect blend of I-just-stepped-out-of-a-magazine-cover to very-funny-and-charming-girl-next-door look.

While glancing at the series through the three seasons, you’ll find Jess in a number of dresses and skirts, sometimes shorts but very rarely in a pair of pants. Jess is all about skirts and dresses, sometimes worn with tights, stockings or leggings in the winter. She’s not the kind of girl to be seen in any sort of denim wear but instead goes for cute girly outfits with a hint of retro in them.

Jess’s style is simply all about bright, fun-inspiring and happy colors. Jess would never be caught dead in pair of boring navy suit or outfit. She always adds her unique touch with accessories such a pair of nerdy glasses, a cute bow in her hair or a belt.

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