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Dress to Look Slim with these 5 Easy Ways!

ON-CMost tend to sabotage their great shape-up efforts by wearing outfits that add to the bulge, accentuating them! Accept this is the same with your case? Well then it’s time you read these effortless ways to look a few pounds thinner!

  • Love Jeans? Who doesn’t? But hear it from the author of Fashion for Dummies and a Today contributor, Jill Martin, for picking up the right pair! Here are his exact words, “Jeans should hug you in all the right places, dark boot legs are the most flattering. The slight flare at the ankle will give a long, lean appearance.”
  • Get the toned-upper-body look with just the right neckline! Boat necks open up your neckline and cut down the width of broad shoulders, thereby creating the illusion of a slimmer frame. Tip: This neckline works the best with a ¾ length sleeve top.
  • Time for some ponytail! Did you know leaving your hair floating might cover-up your shoulders and neck without defining them? This may add to a bulky look, and so the best option would be to bundle it up at the back into a bun or a pretty high ponytail.
  • No more baggy clothes! If you’re in the idea to get hidden away in thick fabrics and loose-fit outfits, remember, they’re just going to make you go unnoticed. The mantra is to embrace your beautiful curves and highlight your best features with right fitting garments.
  • Be very choosy with your undergarments! Go for undies that fit right without creating bulges and bras that give the right support and shape up your silhouette.

Try these effortless ways to look thinner; looks are deceptive- this time for the good!

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