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Do Flatter Yourselves!

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Women’s Plus Cross-front Jersey Dress

Women’s Plus Cross-front Jersey Dress

Weight is an issue of primary concern for all women, irrespective of their age, size or shape. Sometimes we tend to worry about it even if there is no reason to. For those uncomfortable moments, here are a few simple solutions to help you out…

  • Wear clothes that are specifically designed for you: Those boyfriend jeans and boyfriend shirts are great, but as the name specifies, these pieces are specially designed with the male physique in mind and may not flatter your body. Instead, opt for feminine and flirty dresses that are designed for women. You can never go wrong with one and since they’re specially designed for you, they will certainly have a comfortable silhouette that is forgiving of your figure.
  • If you’re still conscious about your body, you can opt for an all-black outfit: Black is one of the most universally appealing colors and looks good on anyone. Black absorbs all the colors in the spectrum and does not reflect any, which means black does not indulge in crazy shadow-play like other colors and will help you tone down your curves a bit.
  • Steer clear from all large prints and opt for smaller prints; large prints often tend to stretch into weird proportions and create unwanted distraction. Stay away from this little fashion mishap and opt for small-sized prints that, even if stretched, will not appear too shabby.

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