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David Bowie: The Man and his Style!

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Geo-patterned Sweater

Geo-patterned Sweater

Only one thing can be said about David Bowie and his style: that he constantly reinvented them! If he found a style that worked and if it worked well for him, unlike the usual rockstars who cling on to it for all their lives, he abandoned it and moved on to the next one! While the loss of the legendary music icon can never be replaced, he left the world a lot more than just his music or his movies – something will always be celebrated for all eternity! Here’s a look at his style file through the years…

In the sixties, when he was just starting out on his rock n’ roll career, he sported more of a mod-teenager style with striped tapered trousers and and short-sleeve collared tee shirts which he wore buttoned up to his neck!

Sporting disheveled flaming red hair and knit jumpers in the early seventies, he kick-started the Ziggy Stardust persona that is still one of his most iconic styles. This style, and his now-famous one-legged, one-armed zig-zag patterned knit jumpsuit designed by Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto, has been replicated countless times in history! The middle of the seventies was marked by an even more colorful period with crazy prints and eccentric styles; the star even took to shaving his eye brows and wearing pirate-themed eye patches to get into the spirit of his on-stage alter ego!

During the later half of the seventies, Bowie had cleaned up his act to something more refined – the thin white duke – that adorned the walls of school and college-goers of that era – a style that is relevant even in this day and age. While his songs reverberated through the air with intense romance and love, his alter ego that gave life to those lyrics was anything but romantic; he maintained an icy ogre persona that lacked any emotion or feeling – all of this culminated into the thin white duke!

Despite the many dramatic changes in his style files, David Bowie remains one of the most iconic legends that ever graced the earth, and regardless of the times, his styles will live on forever!

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