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Crucial tips for your Next Job Interview!

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Women's Classic Blazer

Women’s Classic Blazer

Having to attend an interview can never be a pleasant task; unless, of course, you actually like it. But for those that feel the pressure of the interview weighing down on you, here are some crucial tips to ease your day…

Understanding the mind frame of the interviewer is a crucial trick to landing the job of your dreams. You need to realize that your interviewer has been meeting new candidates all day long; he probably has talked to half a dozen people before you. So you need to set the right first impression. And, like they always ‘first impressions are the best’, you need to put your best foot forward. Pick a dress or a suit that completely flatters your figure. Don’t wear a new dress or a suit that you’ve never tried on before. Take some time beforehand to prepare your interview dress and keep it ready; if possible, make a trial run and see if the dress fits properly. Go the extra mile and accessorize with shoes, belt, bag etc. and make sure that your entire ensemble is in sync. Also, don’t choose something extremely fashionable like animal prints, art prints or some other trend imported straight from the runways. It might be old news for you, but for the interviewer, it might seem outrageous. In fact, popular statistics suggest that interviewers show the least preference for the overly fashionable or trendy candidates; so stay within the conventional norms and pick classy outfits.

And, remember, the most important thing is confidence. Walk into the room with your head held high, have a straight back and maintain proper posture; be sure to make eye contact with your interviewer and ensure that you have a firm handshake. Now that you have the basics covered, take care of the technical things like researching about the company, brushing up on your key skills etc. and get ready to nail the job of your dreams.

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