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Cardigans are the Hottest Fall Favorites! Here’s Why!

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Marled-knit Boyfriend Cardigan

Marled-knit Boyfriend Cardigan

Cardigans are the hottest fall favorites! They offer the most incredible option of reusing your (cute) summer clothing for fall – what more could you ask for? Plus, they keep you warm and comfortable and are also great accessories for creating an ‘en point’ effect! Take a look at few of the outfit combinations you can pull off with cardigans!

  1. Cardigans work great with summer dresses! Pack a punch with one teamed with a nice floral-printed dress, a pair of those tall knee-high boots and an infinity scarf, if you fancy one!
  2. Cardigans are great way to use up your tank tops before you retire them as layering pieces. Just wear your tank top the same way you used to during summer, only this time add a cardigan!
  3. Large, oversized or cable-knit cardigans are great when you want to get a celebrity-inspired look. Take a walk down the busy streets of LA and you’re sure to find at least a couple of them dressed in their jeans and tee layered with an oversized cardigan! But to get this look right, your cardigan has to have a unique character about it; it should either be oversized (to fit two more people) or have fancy knits and patters – this will help pull the look forward!
  4. You can wear a long cardigan with a pair of printed leggings and a tank top and use the extra length of the cardigan to cover up the fact that you’re wearing leggings as pants! But you need to hurry up and make the most of this look before the fashion police catch up with you and declare ‘leggings are not pants’!

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