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Bringing Back the Bootcut!

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The Diva Everyday Bootcut Khakis

The Diva Everyday Bootcut Khakis

Once a fashion essential, bootcut jeans and pants gave way to their skinny cousins a decade ago and the latter have ruled the world ever since. But with labels like Celine and Alexander McQueen bringing back these oldies onto the runway, it is finally time for you to dig into the farthest corners of your closet and pull out those bootcut pants that you once loved and cherished. Having spotted Victoria Beckham in a pair of bootcut pants is definitely a sign that they are back, right?

If you want to look stylish yet subtle, pick a pair of bootcut pants that are not too wide. This keeps the overall look a little toned down and refined. It is always advisable to go for a dressy top to accentuate the look, rather than just throwing on a tee shirt or a plain work shirt. Always pick a pair of bootcut pants in dark shades! They spell class and show off a refined style that’s simply put, hard to beat! while picking out bootcut pants, take care to pick one with the right height; they must stop just above the ground without touching the floor.

With bootcut pants comes heeled footwear; the basic rule of wearing a bootcut pants is to slip into a pair of pumps or platform shoes  that can add dimensions to your frame. since, bootcuts are known for their figure flattering nature, adding a little height can do wonders.

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