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Bending the Fashion Rules

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Quilted Zip-front Jacket

Quilted Zip-front Jacket

In this day and age, little can surprise us! We survived the near-nude dress from Rihanna at the AFMAs, so we can certainly hope to survive the Jaden-Smith-wearing-a-skirt trend! For those wondering what it is we’re talking about, it is about Jaden Smith, son of actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, posing for Louis Vuitton alongside models Sarah Brannon and Jean Campbell, clad in a skirt.

This is an era where bias-less gender-free clothing are making a mark in the fashion world, and we are the first to witness this remarkable transformation! True, that many of our favored fashion pieces are borrowed from the boys, might we add, quite proudly too! But for the boys to take something from our wardrobes and wear it with pride, now that is real revolution taking place right in front of our eyes! In the said campaign, Jaden was dressed in a gladiator themed embellished black short skirt, a white net tank and a biker-themed leather jacket!

May be we’re truly in the gender bending era!  What do you think about the current crop of youngsters taking up women’s-wear with pride? Whatever you feel, don’t forget to shop at Old Navy; coz now you get a nice 30% off clearance merchandise when you shop using Old Navy online coupons. Just get shopping; load up your cart and when you get to checkout, just use the Old Navy coupon code ENJOY at checkout. Hurry, this offer is valid only until January 10, 2016.