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Barbie: The Fun facts!

Barbie Graphic TeeThe market for collectibles is thriving, and Barbie dolls are high on the list! Which means, deep down every woman has a “thing” as we call it, for Barbies. They’ve successfully defied age categories making everyone from toddlers to adults go gaga over them. And if you find yourself fitting into this category, read on to find out some Barbie-centric facts and information!

  • How the name Barbie? Ruth Handler, who first invented Barbie, named it after her daughter, Barbara Handler.
  • First look! Barbie started off her career as a teenage fashion model with the in-vogue black and white striped swimsuit.
  • Best seller – Though there are a huge collection of different kinds of Barbies, the 1992 Totally Hair Barbie was the best selling Barbie doll of all time. It had long hair that extended from the top of her head to her toes.
  • Believe it or not, statistics show that at least two Barbie dolls are sold every second.
  • The first black Barbie doll was introduced in 1980.
  • Even dolls take fashion seriously! In the process of making Barbie and her friends’ outfits, more than 105 million yards of fabric are consumed!
  • Wishing you could get a Barbie for a much cheaper price? Well, the first ever Barbie was sold for $3.00. Blame it on fate for missing it!

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