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A Guide to Men’s Accessories!

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Men’s Braided Belt

Men’s Braided Belt

Ha, ha! Did you think that ‘accessories’ was a section dedicated only to women? Well, truth be told, the realm of men’s accessories stretch far and beyond anything you might have ever known! A set of good working belts in black and brown, shoes in black and brown, and a modest collection of neck ties will feature in the formal accessory collection of most men; but here are some off-beat accessories for men, that once you understand them and use them effectively, will translate to power-packed casual outfits!

Shoes! Since we’re not talking about formal shoes, let’s move on to the subject of casual shoes! What do wear with jeans? Do you just grab the first pair you find when you open your shoe closet or do you team your jeans with running shoes? If you are, then by definition, you’re making a huge fashion faux-pas! Instead, get yourself a couple of sneakers in neutral colors like white or earth tones that work with most of your casual outfit combinations! You can also go for printed sneakers with classic patterns like polka or monochrome chevron prints!

As you know, for formal wear, your belt and shoes should correspond in color and finish! Brown shoes with brown belt and matt-finish belt with similar matt-finished shoes and the like! Likewise, your belt should correspond with the rest of your outfit! When you denims with tee shirt, resist the urge to grab a regular belt or go belt-less; instead, opt for a braided leather belt! A refreshing break from the regular browns and blacks of belts, the woven leather belt is simplicity in action that never goes out of style!

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