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A Different Kind of Yellow Fever!

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Men's Slim-Fit Oxford Shirts

Men’s Slim-Fit Oxford Shirts

Come June and you might just find yourselves overwhelmed by a wave of color as the soccer world cup kicks off in all its glory. Brazil plays host to the soccer carnival this time around and with their trademark yellow jerseys, they would be banking on a yellow sea of support from their adoring masses. What better way to cash in on the flavor of the season than by showcasing the sartorial side of it! Let us have a look at what makes a yellow shirt unique.

  • Yellow has always been attractive and is normally associated with positivity and optimism. Weight conscious individuals can wear yellow dress shirts as this color has been proved to speed up the metabolism process.
  • It also helps in your concentration and this might just be the color you have been looking for in case of your job interview or for your exams.
  • Yellow is perfect for the summer and sets up an amazing contrast to the darker shades in your outfit. Yellow seems to work its magic when paired with charcoal or blues.
  • Pants that are of a charcoal gray shade, deep brown, royal blue and other similar colors look good with a yellow dress shirt.
  • A muted yellow dress shirt works well with dark gray, navy blue formal pants and when you consider the casual aspect of it, also goes well with shorts.
  • This colored dress shirt in paler shades is ideal for any formal event. It also blends perfectly with other lighter colors like white when it comes to sportswear.
  • For your office wear, a yellow dress shirt can be complemented with a blue tie which has a hint of yellow in its design.

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