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5 Must-have items in Every Man’s Wardrobe!

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Everyday Classic Slim-fit Shirt

Everyday Classic Slim-fit Shirt

If you’re looking to build a wardrobe that’s both functional and stylish, here are 5 must-have items that must find its place in your closet!

A white button-down shirt! A colored button-down shirt can be a great option for casual days – but a white button-down shirt – now that’s something classy and stylish. You can wear one with any pants pulled out randomly from your closet and it takes the chore out of styling up!

A nice sports jacket! Sometimes a regular jacket can come off a kill buzz; beat the blues for a casual date with a nice sports jacket! Sports jacket usually come with easy-access pockets and leather patches at the elbows that allow them to survive regular wear and tear!

Dark wash denim! Now you might be a big fan of the light wash variety, but dark wash denim has its own benefits. You can team them with the most perfect formal shirt you’ve got and still look rugged – now that’s something you cannot afford to miss!

Brown leather shoes! Black shoes find a common place in men’s wardrobe; but then there are times when you can neither wear black shoes nor sneakers – it is for those moments that brown shoes were invented!

Leather watch! The most basic accessory of any guy’s wardrobe – the watch, is directly proportional to the level of style exuded by you! Wear one with a leather strap to give off a classic vibe that says mature, stylish and a guy who knows how to look different amidst the crowd!

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