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5 French Girl Shopping Secrets

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Geo-print Scarf for Women

Geo-print Scarf for Women

The French woman’s wardrobe has been something of a ‘holy grail’ to all fashion enthusiasts, regardless of their age or nature of work. And, it’s not pointless either! French women’s styles are so chic, stylish and always on point that we though, now would be a great time to give you some shopping tips to nail this elusive style from our Parisian counterparts (considering it’s a new season et al). Take a look…

1. Have a good stock of basics or essentials in your wardrobe! You never see a French woman sporting exorbitant off-the-ramp styles, they have a strong inkling towards classics and basics.

2. Never leave your home without a great outer layer. It’s as if this idea was ingrained into French women since childhood – that great street style comes from wearing great outerwear; trench coat and dusters for winter and, denim jackets, cropped moto leather jackets or a statement red blazer for spring and summer.

3. Scarves! That’s like the fountain of youth for French woman. Rarely do you get to see a woman in France without her scarf; in fact, some have been known to rock even two at a time – one soft light-weight chiffon scarf topped off with a heavy knit or woolen scarf during winter.

4. All-white and all-black looks are the secrets to looking always fashionable. These classic colors are never out of style and, even though you see every other girl in France sporting the same look, each carries it off in her own unique style that you rarely notice the similarity!

5. While it’s super-great to walk down the stone-encrusted streets of Paris in towering high heels, it’s not uncommon to see French women slipping their feet into a pair of sneakers for a change. Just make sure your sneakers are white and have a few metallic embellishments on them to amp-up your style!

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