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5 Essentials of Men’s Fall Wardrobe – Part II

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Men’s Faux-leather Reversible Belt

Men’s Faux-leather Reversible Belt

Continuing on our previous write-up about men’s fall essentials that can take you all the way to winter, here are a few more things to add to the list! Take a look…

Ties! Matching ties with the rest of your outfit is a serious task. And, if you’re looking for an easy solution that will let you grab just any tie off the rack, a simple black silk tie is your ultimate choice! But if you’re a bit of a fashion enthusiast, then you can try out fancy colors, prints, patterns and materials! One tip that we’d like to tell you here is, keep your ties slim but not too slim! Slim ties create a polished off-the-runway look while too slim screams unprofessional!

Shoes! The importance of the right kind, color, cut and fashion of shoes that can bring out the best in your clothes cannot be emphasized enough! While it will take an entire blog to write about the kind of shoes and outfits that go together, here’s a simple pointer: For formal events, team black shoes with black, navy and gray suits; wear tan for silver, charcoal gray, brown and other lighter shades! For casual shoes, just use sneakers or combat boots in neutral colors!

Belts! If you’re looking for a quick fix fashion rule that can solve any fashion dilemma regarding belts, it is this; mach your shoes with your belt – to the exact shade and make! This way, you could never mess up a formal look!

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