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5 Easy Steps to Create the Perfect Outfit!

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The Long Pixie Pants

The Long Pixie Pants

Ever wondered how people do it? They put out the best outfits, day in and day out. Your friends, colleagues, even your little sister who you thought was never into fashion – how do they get it just right, all the time? Well, it’s probably because they are following these 5 steps, the guide to dress up just perfect…

  • First things first, always pick the bottoms before anything else. Unless you specifically want to try out a new top or a favorite piece from your collection, always pick the bottoms first. Whether you’ve chosen a skirt, a pair of pants or shorts for a casual day, pick them before you pick the other stuff.
  • Then head over to the section in your closet where you’ve hung the shirts or tops and gently move the bottoms you’ve picked along the clothesline. Just glide it over to see which of the tops match your bottomwear. This will eliminate all those contestants that don’t go with your bottoms and will also give you some unexpected color combinations.
  • Now it’s time to put on the bottoms and shirt and go to the shoes section. Try out all the ideal pairs till you find the right one that goes well with your outfit. For instance, if you’re wearing a pair of pants, then you need to choose your shoes based on the length of your pants and so on.
  • Next, your jacket. Blazers and jackets serve as an outfit completer and should only be chosen at the end. Pick the ones that you think goes with your pants or creates a contrast effect, depending on your style.
  • And, finally add accessories that highlight and accent your face. Ensure that your earrings, rings, necklaces and sunglasses all work in unison and attract attention toward your face and make you look good. Hold necklaces and earrings against your outfit and ensure that the length of the chain matches the neckline of your outfit and so on before you make a choice.

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