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5 Denim Styles for a Perfect Fit!

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Having anchored a tight grip in our wardrobe for years, the staple garb in every closet is now making news for all the right reasons! Yes, it’s jeans we are talking about! The only fashion trend that refuses to fade out in time!

While we talk of fashion, let’s see broader light veered up on this apparel. A supposed linchpin of every girl’s wardrobe, jeans are believed to be the first choice of every woman. From little teen girls and their moms to senate members and even First Ladies, everyone wishes to regale in the fabulous comfort of these denim pants.

Moving further up, here are the 5 best denim styles from Old Navy that will accentuate your effeminate curves and leave you wanting for more.

1. Rockstar – A great fit for all body types, these jeans are a great choice for every shape. Super stretchy and remarkably flattering, the Rockstar skinny jeans come in vivid colors of VIBGYOR. With nicks, scrapes and distressed details, Rockstar super skinny jeans make for a perfect ensemble for a casual day out with peers! To add girly details, opt for super skinny printed jeans, which come with elegant printed patterns of floral motifs and whimsical designs. With a contoured fit through hips and thighs, Rockstar Jeans is prone to accentuate your feminine curves!

2. Diva – A precise fit for women with straight waist and slimmer thighs, Diva straight cut jeans sit perfectly on the hips, and firmer around the thighs, highlighting the total diva in you! With distinct hemline and elegant seams, Diva jeans are best at bringing out the elegant side in you. Available for both petite and tall frames, Diva jean comes in skinny and boot cut styles. For all those who wish to look their best on a perfect business casuals day at work, these jeans would make for a perfect ensemble!

3. Flirt – Appropriate for women with straighter waist and fuller thighs, these jeans spots out the flirtatious side in you. To accentuate the little “Miss Playful” in you, spiff up a pair of Flirt skinny pants. These semi-curvy skinny jeans, sitting just below the waist, highlight the thighs and narrow down through calf muscles. Also made available in boot-cut style, these jeans would be perfect for a saturday night out. Slip into these fun outfit and let them do all the flirting for you!

4. Sweet Heart- Apt for women with smaller waists and fuller thighs, Sweetheart jeans are the classic waistline jeans. With attributes of comfort and style put together in a single pair of clothing, Sweetheart jeans is a must-have for those merrier days of life. Get your hands on these enticing garb right away as they could come handy during a night out, with that special someone!

5. Dreamer- For all those women secretly wishing for a liposuction session to tuck away the tummy flab, fret not, for here comes Dreamer jeans, your best fit at concealing the problem areas! With a high-rise waist and tummy taming panel, slimming down has never been so easy. A contoured waistband in front gives for a trim fit, while it is seemingly slimmer around the hips and the thighs. Only available in boot-cut design, these classic pair of jeans are a must-have for ladies who wish to amplify their innate beauty.

Now having heard this, it’s time to grab the deal while you shop for these awesome jeans. Avail a flat 25% off all adult styles at Old Navy between July 18, 2013 and July 20, 2013. Once you’re through shopping, enter the Old Navy coupon code ONSAVENOW to redeem the discount. Enjoy your shopping experience with Old Navy online coupons!