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3 Things to Have in your 30’s Closet!

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Striped Collarless Jacket

Striped Collarless Jacket

Transitioning from 20’s to your 30’s can be challenge! There will be pieces you’re not willing to let go and those that simply remind you of good old times! And, there are also items that have run out of their usage but you still keep them in your closet and even wear them, just ‘cos they make you look good! Well, as they say, ageing can be graceful! All you need is the right attitude and of course, the right closet! Here are 3 top edits that must feature in your closet if you’re a 30’s something woman, even if you’re not, these are some cool pieces to show off you’re a grown-up now!

Flare Pants! Ever had a chance to try this trend the first time it made its rounds? Well, the cut, the class and the effect of flared pants are universally flattering to every woman and every figure, which is probably what make them come back every season! And, now that you’ve matured into your 30’s, it’s time to start trying out trends that you’ve never done before! Start with flared pants!

Slit Skirt! Leave the skin-baring to 20-year olds; at 30, you can afford to be classy yet sophisticated! Wear a slit skirt and tastefully display your love for high heels and also get a chance to show off your perfectly toned legs! Remember, tasteful is the key!

Printed Jacket! Outsmart the typical way of wearing jackets with a printed or patterned jacket! A simple red and gray plaid number or an artfully striped moto jacket will look great with all your all-black looks!

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