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3 Steps to Upgrade your Style

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Perfect Crew-neck Tee

Perfect Crew-neck Tee

Unless you’re among the lucky few who’ve already mastered their style to the point of perfection, you’re always in need of a style upgrade! Here are 3 simple steps that can help you with your quest to revamping your style…

First, take stock of your clothing; Make a list or take pictures! During the process itself, you’re bound to encounter clothing that fall into the ‘toss’, ‘keep’ or ‘throw’ category. Unless the item in question bears sentimental reference and you cannot think of parting with it, treat them as per the category they fall into! At the end of the first step, you’ll end up with clothing that suits you and fit you perfectly well! The second step involves a deeper description of what upgrade you want to infuse in your clothing: Do you want to look more professional? Do you need to tone down on the formal impression that your clothes always seem to sport? Write down what you want to achieve! Next, create a shopping plan and start shopping to attain your desired goal!

Cleaning out your existing closet and throwing out clothes you no longer use gives you a deeper insight into what your style statement is at the moment; later, establishing the king of style you want, learning about it and understanding it, and then shopping for it will prove to a great time and money-saver in the long run!

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