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3 Easy Tips to Look Taller

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Mid-rise Harper Trousers

Mid-rise Harper Trousers

Everyone wants to look model tall; and, who can blame them? Having super-long killer legs that never seem to end is definitely sexy! While we can’t help you grow any taller naturally, here are some clothing hacks that can make you look taller, instantly! Pay close attention and use these tips to unfold the magic…

Every chance you get to wear something printed, choose vertical stripes and lines. These have a naturally figure-elongating capability that you can utilize to the fullest extent. Either wear pin-striped pants and a solid shirt, or go with a solid work-suit and wear basic striped shirts to give yourself some extra inches.

Go monochromatic! Wearing one color head-to-toe is definitely more beneficial to your height than wearing solid separates. So, if you’re wondering why celebrities always wear all-black, all-white or all-red pant-suits for events, here is your answer!

This final tip has nothing to do with clothes but it is quite effective in adding inches to your height, so we thought we’ll tell you anyway! Just put your hair up in a top-bun – this will increase the visible height of your frame and give the illusion of being taller!

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